Organising a Corporate Christmas Party in London

Why are companies’ Christmas parties important?

Recognize the hard work your staff and colleagues did over the past year and say Thank you by giving them a brilliant Christmas party where they can enjoy each other outside of the office. This will also serve as team-building and bonding: Staff will be able to get to know each other better in a setting that is fun and enjoyable.

The result is better communication and a smoother workflow in the office in the future. When you have a good relationship and there is a good general ambience at the office, the result is motivation, even more, when you know that your work is rewarded at the end of the year. 

Parties emphasize team spirit and help to retain your company employees presenting an environment they want to work in. A Christmas party can also benefit the head of the company: most employees will convey their true feelings about the company at work.

During a party, one can have conversations much easier giving the CEO an opportunity to learn the field of improvement for the future making the office a better place to work overall. Don’t worry about the budget for the party, be clever about it and speak to the company’s accountant how a party can “save money” used as expenses and even possible tax benefits.

Eventually, a Christmas Party is a must if you want your company to have a positive and friendly image. 


Where to host a Christmas Party?

The first and most important thing to plan a successful Xmas Party is where you will host it. Find below a list of the best places in London to host your Christmas Party : 

For a small private party, host it at Soho Hotel (belonging of Firmdale Group as well as Ham Yard Hotel and Haymarket Hotel) at Crimson bar for a retro and design setting which can welcome up to 50 guests for a standing reception. The room includes a private bar and a karaoke machine for a successful evening. 

For bigger events, you can decide to host your party at Rosewood Hotel in Holborn at the Living Room which offers a cosy and chic room design for a classy event.

If you wish to launch a big event in a specialised venue you can choose London Film Museum in Covent Garden, this venue is only made to host events and offers an atypical setting and create an event that your guests will remember. 

For a super festive ambience still with a private area so your guest feels special, opt for semi privatisation of a bar/club as Kadie’s Club in Mayfair, where you can privatise a special area to be peaceful with your collaborators while enjoying the general ambience of the club and experience the unexpected.

Creative ideas, strong organisation and attention to detail are the keys to a successful event that everybody will remember. 

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