How to stay healthy during Coronavirus isolation?

In these uncertain times, staying at home means working, eating, sleeping, relaxing or playing in the same environment and it tends to be mind confusing and you might find it hard to separate the working hours from your personal life. As much as work-life balance matters more than ever, keeping your mind busy and your body moving is important. To help you deal with isolation and find the right balance here are some tools, ideas and innovations that will help you go through the Covid-19 challenge. 

Keep a routine.

Keeping the rhythm matters to be able to separate the working hours from your personal life. Wake up at the same time every working day, keep the same working hours as well as a 1h lunch break at the same time every day. 

Define your working space.

Keeping your working space separate from your sleeping area will help to disconnect from work once your working day is over. Today more than ever it is important that you keep time to take care of yourself and spend time with people if you’re living with (your partner or family) or to call your loved one to keep a social contact and stay positive. 

Eat well.

Cooking good food, comfy and healthy recipes is essential to stay in good shape while staying home. It is also a good way to keep your mind and body busy with something that will bring you pleasure even once it’s done. You’re creating something for yourself, plus, this activity is limitless as you can cook sweet or savoury for any time of the day. If you’re not inspired or are not a cook yet, our partners reveal daily recipes just for you. 

  • Big Mama Group: Just subscribe here and receive one recipe per day.
  • Firmdale: The 5-star hotel group shares many innovative recipes, find them here.
  • Hide Restaurant: The restaurant shares cooking classes from the kitchen on their IGTV, find the classes here.

Tip +: If you’re lazy on a Sunday evening (even every day!), many restaurants like Hide are shipping your favourite dishes just check on their website.

Move your body.

It has been proven that working out has many benefits on your body as well as on your mind. Staying home doesn’t mean being lazy, the less you do, the less you want to do. To stay positive and healthy, doing sports at home is a must, you sleep better, give a rhythm to your day and stay fit.  Working out at home is simple and only requires motivation. Here are some tools to help you find the motivation.

Apps. There are many apps for at-home exercises: 

  • Freeletics
  • Adidas Training
  • Fitaya : boxing classes, yoga, pilates, HIIT etc.
  • Aloyoga: yoga classes to work on flexibility, relaxation, breathing, mindfulness

Virtual classes.  Many instructors have decided to give online classes as an act of solidarity during isolation. The plus? Have an instructor that motivates and pushes you.

  • LaptLondon (@laptlondon) does daily 30-min live virtual classes on Instagram and Facebook
  • Trainmore (@trainmore) offers daily classes of yoga, HIIT, Fit boxing etc. The schedule is given every week on Instagram
  • L1 Performance (@l1performance) offers daily live classes, the schedule is given every week as well.
  • SWEAT is a website with online classes, every day your instructor teaches, trains and motivates you. (For women only) They also offer weekly healthy meal plans and shopping lists.

If you’re a cardio-oriented person, you can still go outside for a run as long as you’re going alone, and avoid touching things. When you come home after working out outside, wash your hands first, then put your clothes in the laundry basket away from a frequented space and go straight to the shower. Try not to leave the house more than an hour per day. 

Treat yourself.

After a hard-working day or a hard week. Treat yourself with a glass of wine or a cocktail that you took time to make. Since we’re all stuck at home, our partners La Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels, in London (part of Experimental Group) have decided to deliver wine all over London. For the spirits aficionados, once a week, the crew will ship a pack made with four 25ml miniatures of curated spirits to your house. ​​​

Tune in every Saturday at 5.30 pm BST to join a live tasting session with one of their bartenders @henriettahotel Instagram. ​The tasting session will run through the selected spirits and end with a quick demonstration of a simple, easy to mix cocktail at home. Firmdale group also shares their signature cocktail recipes, you can find them here. Cahoots London (part of Inception Group) will release their crazy cocktail’s recipes on @cahootslondon IGTV, starting with the delightful Vera Lynn! 

Take care of yourself.

Now is the time to do what you said you would “if you had the time”. Read the book you’ve been wanting to read for ages. Watch this film you said you’ve watched but never actually did. Try this DIY face mask you’ve been waiting to do “when you’ll have time”. Do whatever makes you feel good, cosy and safe, but STAY HOME.

Tip +: If you have no idea what to read, here is a list of the 1001 Book List of Must Reads in a Lifetime. Regarding movies and shows to watch, here is a list of Business Insider Movies & Shows to Watch and Comfort shows to watch.


If your mind is missing adventures and exploring the world or wandering in museums, plenty of experiences are available virtually to let your mind escape a bit every day. 

Plan your future.

The Covid-19 is a life-changing challenge that affects us all, but we must keep setting goals and plan our after-isolation life to keep in mind that this situation, as bad as it is, is only temporary. Setting goals and planning your future will help you go through the crisis remembering that brighter days are coming. Therefore, if you need any help to plan your life, holidays, getaway, event, wedding etc WE ARE HERE and would be delighted to be part of your future. Feel free to contact us, we’ll answer. Each of us is working remotely but remain 100% available to support you. 


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