Top tips for stress-free and safe holidays this summer

Summer is coming and the sun is already shining on the French Riviera. After the difficult past months, we all need to take a break from work, bad news or even just from our living room… It’s time to take some “me-time”! Whether you are travelling alone or planning a family holiday, you deserve to create precious memories without stress.


Here are Twice Agency’s top tips to organise a stress-free and safe trip to help you enjoy your holiday break to the fullest.


1/ Choose a destination that will please everyone in your group

When you are travelling as a family or with a diverse group of friends, make sure everyone has something to enjoy. While the kids might want to be jumping around the swimming pool all day, the parents might want to sit back, relax and fit in some cultural experiences.  Find somewhere you can experience the buzz of the cities as well as outdoor activities.


Define the type of holiday that you want

  • Relaxation or adventure
  • Beaches or mountains
  • Summer or winter
  • Cities or countryside
  • Resorts or road trips
  • Festivals and culture
  • Shopping or food experience


However, be aware of uncertainty. Due to the current situation, we’re all wondering how holidays will look like this year. Lockdown might come back and some businesses from restaurants, to shops and bars, might stay shut. So, a destination with plenty of outdoor activities and beautiful landscape would be the smartest option. The French Riviera is perfect for that!


Saint-Tropez is a perfect holiday destination for any groups looking to enjoy the diversity that the South of France has to offer. From lively beach clubs to spectacular and wild beauty spots. Provence is also home to the finest rosé wines such as Chateau Minuty, La Madrague (Brigitte Bardot’s domain), or Château Sainte Roseline to name a few. These wineries are open for private wine tours through the vineyards (and wine tastings of course).


Cannes will please the glamour and farniente lovers with its famous private beaches (La Plage du Martinez, Palais Stéphanie…) along La Croisette.

For those wishing to discover wild coves and experience the true provençal colourful streets, Nice will outreach your expectations.


Monaco will please the shopping addicts. Indeed, the Place du Casino has just been refurbished and more spectacular than ever. It hosts the most high-end designer stores such as Dior, Bulgari at One Monte Carlo mall. This summer, be among the firsts to experience this new trendy place.


2/ Plan for your kids too

Travelling with kids shouldn’t prevent you from going on holidays. In order to avoid uneasy situations, a little extra planning is necessary.

Select an accommodation safe for kids and with plenty of space. Villas usually offer large and beautiful gardens which are perfect for outdoor activities as well as privileged access to the most beautiful sea views.

Look for family-friendly activities. Rent a boat to access the most magical and intimate swimming spots,  discover South of France’s historical places and fairy lavender fields, have a guide telling you fascinating local stories. You can even hire a private chef for cooking classes at home, from simple recipes to fine dining experiences.


3/ Streamline your holiday planning

Sometimes holidays are stressful just because you have to make a ton of decisions and coordinate with other people. To avoid stress during your trip, make sure to plan all the logistics in advance, flights, airport transfers etc. Depending on the location, you might need to hire a car or book taxis in advance to go to the restaurant or to the various places you wish to visit.

Our recommendations:

  • Hire a chauffeur for freedom and stress-less trips. Travel wherever and whenever you feel like it.
  • Book a helicopter transfer to avoid traffic, save time and enjoy the French Riviera’s stunning landscapes from above.


4/ Plan ahead your bucket list activities

Fail to plan, plan to fail. If you’re keen to make one activity the standout highlight of your trip – a cruise between St Tropez and Saint Jean Cap Ferrat is a must. It is important that you organise it well in advance. The French Riviera is in high demand during the summer months and activities are quickly booked out. Booking some experiences require a lot of research to secure the best dates and operators. By doing your homework properly, you stand the best chance of making that bucket-list wish come true.


If you don’t have time to do research, have local travel experts recommend and take on tasks. Ask travel professionals and local experts, they will drive you out of the beaten paths. Spend an afternoon on a wild cove surrounded by pines, hike to the most beautiful and hidden places only known by a few locals. Because today it is important that you stay secluded, holidays in hidden paradises of the French Riviera are the trendiest. If restaurants are not your cup of tea at the moment, don’t prevent yourself from spending a cosy moment with your family/friends around a joyful table, eating Michelin-starred chef cuisine.

5/ Choose the right accommodation

In the current situation, villas are ideal as they offer a “safe space” away from crowds, with large outdoor spaces, private pools and for some of them, even a private cinema and gym. A villa also offers a peaceful and quiet environment surrounded by nature. There is nothing more relaxing than waking up every morning with an astonishing view of the sea!

If you’d rather experience the buzz of the city, a hotel is your best choice. Located in the centre of Cannes, Monaco, Nice or Saint-Tropez, hotels are perfect if you prefer to stay in a vibrant environment with direct access to the shops, restaurants and beach clubs.


6/ Let someone help you

Holidays are all about enjoying time with the ones you love, taking time to relax and enjoy new experiences.  Let someone else take care of the housekeeping, cooking and childcare.

Our concierge services will give you access to

  • The best services no matter what you need: a trusted on-site contact available whenever and for whatever you may need, even last minute.
  • Local experts without wasting time searching for what you’re looking for, with the guarantee to meet and exceed your expectations.


BONUS: Make copies of important documents & check your passport

Make sure you have a passport ready and valid. Don’t forget to make copies of important documents so you don’t need to bring them with you on holiday.


Using concierge services takes the stress away. Thanks to our knowledge of the French Riviera and our special connections, we find the best ways to take you wherever and whenever you wish. If planning makes you anxious, share the load and rely on our local lifestyle managers. We take care of your whole stay. From private jet to hotel bookings or villa rental, F&B delivery, private chef, yacht rental, personal trainer, private guides, child care and more. Let us create an unforgettable stay on the French Riviera, make the most of your stay and create priceless memories effortlessly.

We’re looking forward to planning your next holidays on the French Riviera, give us a call +44 020 3411 1874 / +33 04 22 84 00 13 or email us at we’ll be in touch shortly!