Behind the scenes of Provence’s most prestigious wine tour

Provence is known for its prestigious wines and offers amazing opportunities for a wine tour and wine tasting. Between sea and mountains, the soil allows the production of a unique elixir that can only be found in the south of France. Many world-renowned wine domains have their roots in the French Riviera, especially around Saint Tropez.

For you to know what to expect from a wine tour in an iconic french domain, here is a little story about one of our partners: Bertaud Belieu.

The domain Bertaud Belieu is located in Gassin, a few minutes from Saint-Tropez. Some of the most sought-after wines in the world are made there! The domain expends on 65 hectares and produces 80% of rosé wines. Rosé is the typical drink of the French Riviera. Just picture yourself, on a private beach sipping a glass of rosé, it’s tempting, isn’t it?

What to expect

The wine tour starts in the gorgeous vineyards. Set between the Massif des Maures and a few steps away from the sea, the light breeze enhances the sense of tranquillity. Your guide will explain the history of French wines and how it became french’s preferred beverage over the years. Having discovered the roots of Bertaud Belieu’s delicious wines, visitors have the privilege to explore the “behind the scenes” of this iconic place. Old vaults, authentic cellars and deemed light make the place a true gem that wine amateurs will appreciate. Visitors have access to every room, from the cellar where the greatest and most expensive bottles are kept to the high cuves where the new vintage is being made.

An unforgettable wine tasting experience

Of course, the tour ends with a wine tasting. But, not the usual one. Here, at Bertaud Belieu, tradition and art de Vivre are key. The tasting takes place in the courtyard, facing the gorgeous Chapelle in a relaxed atmosphere. Gathered around a wooden table, under the shadow of a high umbrella, you will enjoy the domain’s best wines while the sommelier explains the subtility of the colours and the different aromas. 

This year, the vintage will be exceptional. A chance for the producers as last year’s harvest has been very poor due to bad weather conditions.

A day to visit the region’s most prestigious wineries

If you wish to have a full day visiting the region’s most prestigious wine domains and chateau (Chateau Minuty, La Madrague – Brigitte Bardot’s domain” or Miraval “ Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt’s domain) why not do it in a classic car or on horseback? Make the most of your day and take a Mediterranean cooking class at Chateau Minuty at La Cuisine de Capucine. Enjoy your lunch with the perfect wine before heading for the rest of your adventure. 

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